With delegates at regional international cooperation training in Uganda
International judicial cooperation training in Germany
Greater Horn of Africa regional international judicial cooperation training
Practical exercises in Ethiopia on international cooperation

Presenting in Pakistan for UNODC on requesting e-evidence from service providers for counter-terrorism and serious organized crime investigations

Extradition training in Kenya
Pacific regional e-evidence workshop
EuroMed Justice in Brussels
Bench book drafting for Bangladesh judiciary on counter-terrorism, money laundering and cybercrime in Prague
Training on international cooperation for counter-terrorism investigations in Ethiopia
International Association of Prosecutors International Cooperation training in Siracusa for Junior Prosecutors
Presentation to Judge from the Philippines following e-evidence training for counter-terrorism investigations
A closing speech in Ethiopia for the EU Law Enforcement in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen Project
South East Asia counter-terrorism e-Evidence training
ComSec TV
South Asia counter-terrorism e-evidence regional training
Lively discussion in Morocco for CyberSouth
Presenting in Belarus at OSCE Conference on counter-terrorism
E-evidence training at EIPA Luxembourg
Ministry of Justice Romania
Counter-terrorism e-evidence training in the Maldives
Ghana Prosecutor workshop
With the DPP of Uganda for regional international cooperation training on counter-terrorism investigations
Presenting in Ethiopia for EU
National Center for State Courts Caribbean mutual legal assistance Workshop
Presenting findings of the Interpol red notice study to European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights
Presenting in Sudan for EU counter-terrorism project
Regional international judicial cooperation training Ethiopia
Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting, Sri Lanka
E-evidence exercise in Cameroon
Family photo in Djibouti for EU project
Somalia for international cooperation training
Prosecutor General in Romania
Facilitating at the UN in Vienna for the Expert Group Meeting on e-evidence