Presenting at the UN in Vienna on e-evidence requests from service providers across borders
Presenting at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh
With the Solicitor (Prosecutor General) in Bangladesh – Runa Nahid Akter
With Judge Halim in Chattogram, Bangladesh
Meeting the Honourable Secretary to the Bangladesh Law and Justice Division of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Md Golam Sarwar
Training on cybercrime and e-evidence to the Bangladesh Women Judges Association
Presenting the Bench Book on Effective Adjudication of Terrorism, Money Laundering and Cybercrime Trials  to Abu Hena Mohd. Razee Hassan Head of the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit
Cricket at the Bangladesh American International University
Training prosecutors on cybercrime in Bangladesh
International judicial cooperation training in Germany
Greater Horn of Africa regional international judicial cooperation training
Practical exercises in Ethiopia on international cooperation
Extradition training in Kenya
View from the presenter’s table at EuroMed Justice in Brussels
Bench book drafting for Bangladesh judiciary on counter-terrorism, money laundering and cybercrime in Prague
Training on international cooperation for counter-terrorism investigations in Ethiopia
All the graduates and trainers from the International Association of Prosecutors International Cooperation Specialisation Course in Siracusa, Italy
Presentation to Judge from the Philippines following e-evidence training for counter-terrorism investigations
A closing speech in Ethiopia for the EU Law Enforcement in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen Project
South East Asia counter-terrorism e-Evidence training
ComSec TV
South Asia counter-terrorism e-evidence regional training
Lively discussion in Morocco for CyberSouth
Presenting in Belarus at OSCE Conference on counter-terrorism
Ministry of Justice Romania after establishing iJust Europe
Training at the European Institute of Public Administration, Luxembourg
Counter-terrorism e-evidence training in the Maldives
Ghana Prosecutor workshop after the development of the in-the-field Points to Prove App
With the DPP of Uganda for regional international cooperation training on counter-terrorism investigations
Presenting findings of the Interpol red notice study to the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights
Presenting in Sudan on mutual legal assistance in counter-terrorism investigations
Regional international judicial cooperation training in Ethiopia
Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting, Sri Lanka
E-evidence exercise in Cameroon
Planning meeting in Djibouti with Attorneys General and other senior officials from the Greater Horn of Africa
Somalia for international cooperation training
iJust Europe team with the Prosecutor General in Romania