Case Studies

Regional Law Enforcement in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen

As an expert for this EU Rule of Law project to support law enforcement, prosecutors and the judiciary in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda, Dan advised on the development of a network of single points of contact to advance cooperation in cross-border counter-terrorism investigations. Dan worked with key stakeholders in each country to develop national guidelines on mutual legal assistance and extradition. In the spirit of collaboration and to develop working relationships these guidelines were made available through a secure online platform designed by Dan. Each country, guided by Dan and other EU experts, also drafted a fiches summarising their law and procedure for international judicial cooperation. The objective of these documents was to deliver a knowledgeable network of stakeholders who could provide quick-time responses to dynamic cross-border threats posed by terrorist organisations. At single point of contact regional meetings, reports were provided of examples of operational successes as a result of the network.

This model of establishing single points of contact for international cooperation was also used by Dan to establish another network in the Eastern Caribbean. This asset recovery focussed network, with a secure platform, fiches and Guide has now led to successful operational delivery with executed mutual legal requests on live investigations. Read more on our blog on the Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Asset Recovery network.

The mid-term review of the Greater Horn of Africa project confirmed the network significantly enhanced the extent of collaboration and the exchange of information on mutual legal assistance and extradition in the region. Further, the development of the website and tools used by practitioners were highlighted as an important legacy.

Dan also received a letter of commendation for his role in the project:

Dan’s ability to engage stakeholders with energy and enthusiasm, ensured we met our key deliverables to create an operational and sustainable regional network.

I strongly recommend Dan for any mission or any project in these fields where he excelled every time he prepared trainings curricula or produced training material

Congratulations from the former Attorney General of Somalia

EuroMed Justice 

The fourth iteration of the EuroMed project, supporting key policy and judicial stakeholders in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, advanced international cooperation with EU member states. Dan produced legal and gap analyses on anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism provisions, special investigation techniques and cybercrime legislation, for each country. These documents formed the basis of reforms, for example, the amendment of Law No. 09-04 of 14 Chaâbane 1430 in Algeria to include specific provisions to enhance cybercrime investigations. 

Dan also collobarated with other EU experts to draft an International Cooperation Guide and Digital Evidence Manual, now translated into arabic and french. See our blog from the Siracusa Institute where Dan delivered practical exercises on the application of these texts to enhance operational capacity.

Due to the success of the project, iJust looks forward to its continued participation in EuroMed Justice V through 2021.

Presenting in Portugal for EuroMed Justice at the First Conference on Digital Evidence

E-Evidence from Service Providers Across Borders

As part of a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and International Association of Prosecutors global project, Dan has facilitated expert group meetings, worked with Europol and Interpol on standardising request formats, drafted a Guide and Train-the-Trainer Module on requesting e-evidence and delivered in-country and online training to practitioners from more than 80 countries on e-evidence requests for counter-terrorism and organized crime investigations. See our blogs from training around the world in Malaysia, the Maldives, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, Pakistan, San Francisco, online training and drafting of the Train-the-Trainer Module

Dan’s leading expertise has also been recognised by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Council of Europe – Glacy+ and the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law – read our blogs on the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting, Cameroon, Morocco and the Commonwealth Cyber Challenge.

Dan’s participation in the UNODC project has recently been commended after the Guide was the most downloaded document on the UN SHERLOC learning platform.

The project continues to support practitioners globally, as further donor support has extended the project to deliver national e-evidence Guides contextualised to domestic laws and procedures. Dan will continue to consult on this next stage of the project through 2021 with development of the Guide 2.0 and a Train-the-Trainer tool with OSCE

Presenting in Pakistan for UNODC on requesting e-evidence from service providers for counter-terrorism and serious organized crime investigations


Despite progress after the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) removed Bangladesh from the “grey list” of countries with deficient reporting systems, the criminal justice system still experiences lengthy delays and a lack of specialized judges.

To address these challenges, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Counterterrorism launched the Countering Terrorism through a Strengthened Rule of Law Framework Program, implemented by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). The Program aims to improve adjudication and processing of terrorism, money laundering, and terrorism financing cases in Dhaka, Chattogram, Rajshahi, and Sylhet.

Dan was part of a team of experts that conducted a situational and needs assessment in February 2019 with a view to implementing specialist training for the judiciary on adjudicating terrorism, terrorism financing, money laundering and cybercrime matters (see our blog here).

Dan has drafted advocacy reform briefs advising on amendments to key legislation and implementing efficient procedures. Further, Dan has collaborated with other international experts and Judges in Bangaldesh to produce a bench book to assist adjudication of terrorism financing, money laundering, cybercrime and terrorism trials (see our blog here).

Dan continues to assist the Judicial Administrative Training Institute in Bangladesh to draft foundational curricula for Specialist Tribunal Judges adjudicating cybercrime, money laundering and terrorism matters.

With students from the law faculty at the Bangladesh American International University after a lecture on digital evidence and cybercrime


Dan consulted for the Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Project (ARAP) in Ghana, funded by the European Union, as a key expert on prosecutorial capacity building to enable more effective prosecutions of corruption and the recovery of proceeds of crime.

Dan played a key part in drafting anti-corruption training and delivered this alongside prosecutors from the Public Prosecutions Division across Ghana (see our blog here)

Dan also developed key policy documents for the Director of Public Prosecutions for disclosure of evidence and a five-year strategic plan to establish a national prosecution service for Ghana (see our blog here).

Identifying a gap in knowldge with law enforcement, Dan ensured that the Ghana Code for Prosecutors, establishing the test for commencing a prosecution, was embedded in the revised Ghana Police Service Instructions launched in 2019 (see our blog here). Dan drafted and lobbied for a specific Service Instruction (SI 197 at paragraph 21(a)(iv) and (v)) to ensure all charging decisions following arrest were decided on an objective assessment of the evidence. To supplement the use of the Ghana Code for Prosecutors and the amended Service Instructions, Dan also developed an app for officers in the field to speedily access relevant laws and procedures for taking witness statements, interviewing suspects and other investigative measures.

In a step away from Dan’s usual work, he was part of team that developed an Envirionmental Prosecutions Crimes Manual for prosecutors as an essential tool to protect Ghana’s flora and fauna (see our blog here)

Ghana anti-corruption film for ARAP

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