Expanding Our Horizons

When we established iJust in 2017, our vision was to deliver a globally respected range of pioneering and innovative expertise to enhance rule of law around the world. We can now proudly say we have built capacity among prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officers in more than 80 jurisdictions from South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Pacific – to reduce the risk of harm caused by terrorists and serious organised crime.

With our successful brand comes contacts, accessibility, positive public relations and opportunities for growth.

iJust has grown beyond our expectations – establishing networks for international cooperation, presenting to parliamentary committees and government ministers to deliver meaningful change and sustainable development in challenging environments.

We continue to innovate to ensure maximum impact with the implementation of immersive and asynchronous online learning.

Our client base and geographical reach continue to expand – demonstrated by our successful tender for a framework agreement with the Council of Europe for global cybercrime capacity building and the continuation of our partnerships with UNODC, EuroMed Justice and the National Center for State Courts.

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