I received the devastating news about the terrorist attack in Christchurch whilst I was overseas, waking to headlines that I never expected to see from New Zealand. This appalling act has no place in a country that is the very definition of an open and democratic society.

I am very proud of my kiwi links and stand shoulder to shoulder with them, in this, their darkest hour.

The words of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after the unprecedented events were well chosen, “Extremist views have absolutely no place in New Zealand and, in fact, no place in the world”.

The terrorist attack has been made all the more real to the world by the live streaming – we must stop the sharing of this vile video. We all have a responsibility to stop vulnerable eyes viewing such violence and to prevent the dissemination of this extremism.

In the words of the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee , “You affect the world by what you browse.”


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