Kenya – Mutual Legal Assistance Training

After a couple of days back home it was back on the plane for another mission!

This time to Nairobi to train Kenyan Prosecutors as part of the EU funded Regional Law Enforcement Project for the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen. The practical training focussed on counter-terrorism mutual legal assistance (MLA) and securing communication service provider evidence.

Working alongside my experienced colleagues from Spain and France, the Kenyan delegates drafted their own MLA Manual as part of the training. The Manual, with precedent Letters of Request and checklists to aide international co-operation, has been officially endorsed by the Kenyan Office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

This vital tool will enhance regional and international co-operation to tackle terrorism and is now available online at the Greater Horn of Africa MLA website.

The training also included an emergency terrorist incident exercise –  to secure traffic data from an overseas server within 2 hours. The Kenyan Prosecutors completed the task successfully in 1 hour 45 minutes – applying the MLA Manual and the online Communication Service Provider Guide. A very credible performance!

Now off to the airport for the next leg of the mission!

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