On a recent assessment of a Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Illicit Financial Flows and Special Investigative Techniques project in Jordan it struck me how many of the challenges we face as Prosecutors strike a chord wherever you work.

This includes resourcing issues, training needs and sharing of information. Although there are not many jurisdictions who face the stark reality of a 10% increase in population since the Syrian conflict and Daesh occupation of Iraq (albeit a taxi driver told me it’s nearer a 50% increase).

This dramatic change in the demographics and the increased terrorism threat have meant that what we perceive as everyday concerns are magnified. I was impressed with how the relevant institutions are tackling the threats they face. Of course better coordination and efficient use of resources is an area every State in the world can improve upon.

Daesh have no concept of the rule of law and we must all ensure that their ideology of pathological destruction does not succeed. Jordan is at the frontline of this battle and we must all be determined that the rule of law triumphs.

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